Dawn Crisis: Survivors

By Machbird Studio

Dawn Crisis: SurvivorsDawn Crisis: SurvivorsDawn Crisis: SurvivorsDawn Crisis: Survivors

Forest at dawn,surrounded by crisis.

You can see,Flickering eyes like ghosts.

You can hear,Mourning from Hell.

You can smell,The rotten breath of blood and death.

Here is the gap between the doomsday world.Life is still alive.

Pick up your weapon,Stay alive until the final dawn.

Keep hope

The world has collapsed. Viruses, infectious agents, and harsh living conditions threaten the lives of survivors at all times.

There is hope only when alive.

To live,Be strong

Each beast attack, zombie frenzy can improve your skills and talents.Increase your survival rate in the next battle.

Choose weapons

Choose from hundreds of firearms and weapons to improve your zombie killing ability.Restore the real shooting feeling.

Monster evolution

Different species formed after human and monsters infection.Watch out for how they attack.

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