Dawn of Dynasty


Dawn of DynastyDawn of DynastyDawn of DynastyDawn of DynastyDawn of Dynasty

Welcome to Dawn of Dynasty, the cutest Three Kingdom strategy game!

The Han Empire is on the verge of collapse. Ambitious warlords rise to power, claiming cities and land for themselves. You should recruit powerful generals, raise an invincible military, and expand your territory to reunify China!

☆ The Cutest Three Kingdom Game!

Zhao Yun, Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang... how can they presumably be this cute?! Featuring attractive artwork from trending Chinese and Japanese graphic artists, you can now recruit and fight alongside famous generals and warlords of their gender-bent forms!

☆ Intense Real-Time Battles!

Command your army in intense thousand-man battles - a real real-time technique experience! With an unprecedented quantity of freedom to control your armies' motion in battle, now you can pull off intelligent maneuvers to shatter your opponents' defenses!

☆ Infinite Map Zoom Feature!

Explore the expansive world of Three Kingdoms with the brand new infinite zoom feature! With just two fingers, zoom out and in freely to view your construction setups, army deployments, or even examine surrounding areas for hidden dangers!

☆ Customize and Build Your Own City!

Join your favorite Factions and beautify your City with unique exterior decors! Enjoy building your fully-customizable City with roaming citizens, patrols, castle partitions, and torch-lit streets!

Join us now, my lord!

Your very own Three Kingdoms legend is about to unfold!

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