Devineuf The board game QUIZ

By Odysseas Gabrielides

Devineuf The board game QUIZDevineuf The board game QUIZDevineuf The board game QUIZDevineuf The board game QUIZDevineuf The board game QUIZ

Are you tired of playing alone on your screen?

Devineuf, the most enjoyable BOARD QUIZ GAME landed in your pocket for FREE!

Test your knowledge and play face to face with your opponents in this offline quiz game that is played in pairs or more. Created to share the enjoyable with friends, Devineuf is the perfect game to liven up your evenings, play with family, have a laugh as a couple or even to kill time on long trips!

The goal of the game?

Find the 9 answers given in 60 seconds.

The team with the most points wins the game.

Qu ' what makes “Devineuf” so special?

- Offline multiplayer game: Devineuf can be played with two or more to test his knowledge and have a laugh with friends.

- 9 answers per question: There can be more than 9 answers per query, however the goal is to find the 9 answers proposed by Devineuf in 1 minute!

- Trap answer: There is sometimes a 10th answer which is false, a trick answer for stupid junkies.

- Played with friends, family or couples

How to play?

Example: After having selected the parameters of the game, John takes the smartphone in hand and reads the question to Lucie. Lucie, without looking at the screen, tries to find the answers by quoting them aloud to Jean. The latter validates the correct answers as they go, until the stopwatch stops.

Download Devineuf, the most fun FREE board game!

A multitude of general knowledge questions divided into different categories await you to set the mood in your evenings.

Learn, develop your knowledge and challenge your friends face to face!


• Questions are constantly updated and renewed!

• Offline multiplayer board game

• Creation of events to your tastes, by choosing the number of teams, rounds and even the question themes

• Team game to have fun together

• Football mode available for football addicts with questions only about football.

• 3 Jokers are available to boost your score, and add a strategic side to your game!

★ Devineuf is a board game, quiz game, party game, aperitif game, travel game, group game, couple game, free game etc… one thing to remember, Devineuf is a user-friendly game for all that allows you to SHARE THE FUN! Download FREE ★


• You need at least two to play.

• In case of problem, please contact us: [email protected]




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