Dinghy Sailing Race Control

By Robbie Robertson

Dinghy Sailing Race ControlDinghy Sailing Race ControlDinghy Sailing Race ControlDinghy Sailing Race ControlDinghy Sailing Race Control


The app:

- Stores and manages competitor information, including:

Fleet name, Helm name, Boat class, Sail number, and PYN (rating)

- Can built a list for single fleet or multi-fleet, multi-start racing. Either:

- From imported competitor information

- Fleets manually defined

- Manages single fleet main start sequence (5, 4, 1, Go, 3, 2, 1, Go, Custom, or RC Countdown), provides mixed fleet flag reminders, optional 'horn' reminders, and optional voice or beeps at 10s, 5s ,4s, 2s, 1s prior to next horn/flag

- Optional pre-start countdowns (0, 10s, 30s, 1m, 2m, 5m, or custom) prior to main start sequence

- Manages multi-fleet rolling starts sequences based on fleet/start sequences defined by user

- Manages planning and starts for pursuit races, including advance/delayed starts

- Manages RC single fleet races, with reduced single class info displayed

- Includes single fleet race abort to reset starting sequence e.g. general recall, followed by full restart when ready

- Includes multi-fleet race abort, individual recall, general recall of each fleet, and termination of rolling starts i.e. 'All Clear' on last planned start

- Captures and displays individual boat last lap times, plus number of laps completed (adjusted to fleet start for multi-fleet)

- Uses differing colours for each increasing lap to aid identification of whose have not yet crossed the timing line

- Includes search by Sail No and Helm name

- Allows for incorrect lap timing via long press, which reduces lap count by one and reversion to previous lap time

- Optionally allow the 'instant undo' of the last timings capture by pressing the same entry a second time

- Allows assignment of race code (RET, DSQ, etc.) to individual competitor

- Allows corrections to be made during or post race, including adding competitors

- On race finish, applies PYN handicaps to calculate corrected times, and from these, finishing positions

- Optionally displays elapsed and corrected times in mm:ss or seconds

- Can automatically or manually save race results for post race or later review, and file management (.txt, and optionally .pdf)

- Multi-fleet results are displayed by fleet, and the final position with each fleet (Coded competitors listed last)

- Allows race number to be defined, displayed at race time, and used as part of results filename (auto incremented upon Reset), and editable post race

- Can optionally, export results in:

Postscript .pdf

Sailwave compatible .csv (including series)

HAL compatible .xls

- Displays previous race results, which can also be shared externally (pdf viewer, email, drive, etc). And with Lollipop upwards, display pdf results internally

- Via the settings screen, options can be set as required

- Settings saved at Exit, and restored when next used

- Contains help text on operation and options

- Contains 'hint' popup on initial use to get you started (can be turned On/Off)

- Has Help/Results text zooming to aid readability on smaller devices

- Has competitor import via .txt or .csv file, so you can 'swap' fleets if required

- Includes 'experimental' use of Bluetooth or WiFi remote relay module as 'slave' of sound (when BT of WiFi horn On) - Note Wifi relay module requires specific code installed

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