DST - Dementia Screening Test, Alzheimer Test

By Dr. S. Horn

DST - Dementia Screening Test, Alzheimer TestDST - Dementia Screening Test, Alzheimer TestDST - Dementia Screening Test, Alzheimer TestDST - Dementia Screening Test, Alzheimer TestDST - Dementia Screening Test, Alzheimer Test

The DST (Dementia Screening Test) is the only dementia test which is recognized as a medical device by Health Authorities. The DST very effectively detects early dementia stages, and can reliably distinguish between the different dementia severity levels. It is therefore suitable for dementia screening, as well as for severity monitoring / therapy control over time.

Additional functions include:

- a reminder to redo the test after 3-6 months, for medical monitoring

- continued engagement for prevention, through regular Dementia News

- tracking of the dementia risk over time, visualized in a graphic

- option to e-mail and/or print the test results (e.g., for discussion with a physician)

To date, there is no effective treatment for advanced dementia. Therefore, effective screening is essential to begin treatment before the brain damage becomes irreversible. Because for early dementia stages, there are already effective treatment options that can significantly delay or even prevent the progression of the disease.

With special tests, dementia can be detected 18 years prior to the first symptoms. The Dementia Screening Test (DST) is the only such test which has been certified by Health Authorities as a Medical Device for dementia screening.

The good news is: for most people the test can give the all-clear!

The DST in short:

- Easy to perform, also for medical laypersons.

- Reliable: more than 96% sensitivity proven in clinical trials, probably the highest value worldwide for such tests.

- Safe: no registration required, no storage of personal data, works without internet connection, no advertising.

- Recognized as a medical device by Health Authorities.

- Works with all dementia subtypes (Alzheimer's dementia, vascular dementia, fronto-temporal dementia, Lewy-body dementia, secondary dementia, hybrids / other forms).

- Engaging: provides you with the latest research results on a regular basis, and reminds to retake the test regularly.

- Documents changes in dementia risk over time.

- Supports research and public awareness for dementia patients and relatives.

Take the test now, and become a superager!

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