Dungeon Maker

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Dungeon MakerDungeon MakerDungeon MakerDungeon MakerDungeon Maker

- Best Indie in Google Play Best of 2018! (Japan, Korea, Thailand)

- Selected as certainly one of Top 10 games in Google Indie Game Festival 2018! (Korea)

Prepare for battle - a mob of heroes is about to invade your territory!

Build traps facilities in your dungeon, hire monsters, uncover relics with mysterious energy, and protect your dungeon from heroes that got here to take you down.


- 10 Dark Lords with special skills!

- 260 monsters and heroes

- 160 traps and amenities in your dungeon

- 240 relics with mysterious power

- Various EVENTS filled with surprises

- Various parts that can be unlocked throughout gameplay

- and more…!

We are planning to add more Dark Lords, traps, monsters, and extra recreation modes!


Think fastidiously when inserting traps, amenities, and monsters into your dungeon. Strong strategy will allow you to survive the swarm of heroes and let you unlock more elements for your dungeon. May your dungeon endure the bravest heroes there are!


Choose your fate from a selection of destiny playing cards every single day. If you wish to battle, heroes will come, and if you want for surprises, a special event will happen.

Choose the destiny you need because the grasp of your dungeon.


As Dungeon Maker does not have a server, all of its knowledge is stored on the person's device only. If you delete the app, you might not have the ability to recuperate your gameplay data. Please save your progress using the cloud storage choice inside the sport.

You can request a refund utilizing Google's refund button inside 2 hours from purchasing the app.

However, you will be unable to get a refund after 2 hours.

In-app billing is an offline sport that may not be redeemed and suspended, so the developer can not process refunds. Only refunds via Google is feasible.

If you want to get a refund because of change of mind, please ask for a refund in the address below.


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