Emma's Adventure: California


Emma's Adventure: CaliforniaEmma's Adventure: CaliforniaEmma's Adventure: CaliforniaEmma's Adventure: CaliforniaEmma's Adventure: California

Hey, adventurers! Welcome to California. Here you will be exploring the rich and dangerous land and building your own farms and city together with Jim, the Gold Miner and Emma, the country girl. As you know, no matter how careful you are, dangers may happen in the way to gold mining. Let's try to get it over and find the rare treasure!


• Build your own city with unique buildings and decorations!

• Complete all kinds of challenges to explore the secrets of California!

• Build your own farm where you can keep animals and grow crops!

• Meet strange people and events during the adventure in the mysterious land!

• Build your own commercial empire by selecting appropriate quests and completing orders with collection and production!

• Explore this land and enjoy the invaluable scenery!

It's the Gold Rush! Let's enter the game now and start a legendary adventure through the valley, desert and snowfield in this amazing land.

If you have any problems and questions during your adventure, or if you'd like to share your special story with us, please feel free to contact us in the following ways:

- Send E-mail to: [email protected]


- Comment on Facebook:www.facebook.com/AdventurCA

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