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EnVision - Daily VisualizationEnVision - Daily VisualizationEnVision - Daily VisualizationEnVision - Daily VisualizationEnVision - Daily Visualization

EnVision is a guided visualization app designed to help you achieve your goals and live the life you truly desire. Visualize the future you want to create, set and achieve the goals that will get you there and learn how to show up as your empowered self each day.

Visualization is a technique widely used by athletes, surgeons, musicians, and business leaders. When done consistently and deliberately, this science-backed technique increases focus and performance. It brings out the natural talents and abilities you already have within you.

In just 10 minutes a day we help you focus on what’s important, prepare for life’s big events and show up as the best version of yourself when it counts. We offer 125 voice guided audio sessions designed to help you get exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

At EnVision, we ask you not to empty your mind, but to purposefully engage it. We ask you to glimpse the future you want so that it can be the future you have.

See, when you visualize, you simulate reality, you mentally rehearse, you close your eyes and watch as things unfold exactly the way you want them to. This trains your brain to bring forth the best version of yourself at any given moment so that, when the time comes to make it count, in place of doubt, fears, or stress... You show up with total ease and confidence.

Start with our free 7-Day Foundation Series to learn the basics of visualization and begin to build the foundation for creating the levels of success you desire in life.

Try our single sessions, which are designed to give you what you need in the moment. Singles can help you prepare for a tough conversation with a loved one, reset after a stressful morning or give you the boost in motivation you need to have a productive day.

After completing the free introductory content, subscribe to unlock over 125 sessions of premium content. Continue your journey with our Foundation 2 series and discover other content like achieving a specific goal, reducing stress, creating new habits or developing self appreciation. Our premium content is more advanced and more tailored toward exactly what you need.

Here is what you can do with our app:

- Listen to our 10 minute audio guided visualizations

- Work on one of our series for long term growth

- Choose a single session for what you need in the moment

- Explore hours of content from achieving a goal to getting better sleep

- Track your progress and current stats

- Set a daily reminder to help you be consistent

- Download any session you want for offline use

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