Europe Countries Quiz: Flags

By koverking

Europe Countries Quiz: FlagsEurope Countries Quiz: FlagsEurope Countries Quiz: FlagsEurope Countries Quiz: FlagsEurope Countries Quiz: Flags

We create this quiz game app for those who looking for a way to improve their geographical knowledges.

There are 50 countries in Europe and 28 of them a member’s state of the European Union. This quiz dedicated to these countries, their capitals and flags.

Easy and simple flags and capitals quiz to spend some time

We are sure that our Europe Quiz (2019) – Countries, Flags and Capitals is excellent way to spend some time with fun and learn something new! Do you remember all European capitals and flags? Do you know where Andorra located? Just open our quiz and find this out.

We can help you to pass school test and exams

Our Quiz can help you to learn European countries, names flags and capitals. Just open up our quiz and try to answer as much questions as you can. The more questions you are answering the more counties names and flags you will learn and remember. Easy A !

Test your knowledge!

You can test your knowledge in 5 interesting levels. Each level has 50 questions. If you answer all the questions in one level - we will reward you with a golden star. If you didn’t make any mistakes, you’ll get one more golden star.

Collect all golden stars and become a master of European countries geography!

Play and Learn!

Want to learn something new and looking for a way to improve your geographical knowledge? We glad to help you learn countries, flags and capitals of Europe with our Quiz.

Name all the lags!

We have 50 flags of European countries. To make things more interesting we created two levels:

Guess flag by the country name and, vice versa - guess country name by flags.

Name all the capitals!

What is the capital of Macedonia? You’ll know it from our interesting and fun game.

50 flags and countries!

We prepared for you 6 different game levels: 5 of them to test yourself and one is for learning.

- 1 flag and 4 countries - Guess country name by flags.

- 1 country and 4 flags - Guess flag by country name.

- Map and 4 countries - Guess country by its location on map

- Flag, country and 4 capitals - Guess capital of the country

- Capital and 4 countries - Guess the country by its capital

- Country cards - Learn the country flag and capital

This application “Europe Quiz (2019) – Countries, Flags and Capitals” is translated to 10 different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spain, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese.

Enjoy it and spend your time learning something new!

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