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EVA ClockEVA ClockEVA Clock

Sci-Fi Style Alarm Clock (Evangelion Style), It could display both current time and GPS location.

ps. Location list is provided from Android system (tzdata), including location coordinate, UTC and rule of Daylight saving time (DST).

The app also contains the following functions :

Clock Alarm :

- Repeating alarm

- Vibrate only alarm

- Snooze

- Auto-dismiss alarm

- Fade-in alarm sound

- Export alarm list

- Import alarm list

Timer :

- Countdown timer

- Setup beep sound interval during countdown

Stopwatch :

- Record lap time

- Sharing lap time

- Setup beep sound interval

Version History

0.8.12 :

1. Add more than 20,000 city location

2. Add animation for app initializing

3. Add tips for how to delete clock from list

4. fix globe shader bug

5. fix known issues

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