EVA System Monitor


EVA System MonitorEVA System MonitorEVA System MonitorEVA System MonitorEVA System Monitor

An Evangelion type clock and system monitor. The EVA System Monitor not solely runs as a standalone app , but in addition runs as a Live Wallpaper. It displays system resource usages of your mobile phone together with :

1. RAM usage

2. Internal storage usage

3. WIFI enable /disable status

4. CPU Stats (Deprecated in Android 8 ) / Network Stats / Audio Output Visualizer

5. USB enable /disable status

6. GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/LTE Signal strength

7. The remaining power of the battery

8. The temperature of the battery

Version History :

ver 2.1:

- add power save mode indicator

- repair antenna signal energy indicator not working bug on some devices

- minor bug fix

- bump goal SDK model to 29 (Android 10)

ver 2.0.5 :

- Add native arm64 structure assist.

- Add rear hex flash animation impact for low battery state.

ver 2.0.4 :

- Bumped android goal SDK model to 27.

- Update the underlying rendering engine.

- Minor bug fix.

ver 2.0.3 :

- Update rendering engine.

- Minor bug fixes.

ver 2.0.2 :

- Add 2 new visualizers (Choose new visualizer within the Visualizer Category of the settings list) :

a. Network stats visualizer

b. Audio output visualizer

- Minor bug-fix

ver 2.0.1 :

- Let the execution behavior and the launch mode of the app be the same as the outdated 1.x app model.

ver 2.0 :

- Remove Activity mode

- Add Flash Once effect

- Add wave impact to the CPU Indicator

- Compatible with Android 8 (In Android 8, it is no longer attainable to find out the CPU utilization on the system. The CPU meter might be eliminated in a function launch.)

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