Fabricators Handbook

By Gellis apps

Fabricators HandbookFabricators HandbookFabricators HandbookFabricators HandbookFabricators Handbook

Sheet metal pattern development tools for cones, segmental bends, set on pipes.

Plus flange/ tube tables, various calculators and more.

This could be the most useful tool in your toolbox.

As a fabricator of 45 years, the last 30 or so as the workshop manager, I have constantly used trigonometry etc. to calculate cones, segmental bends and much more. Nowadays I am constantly asked by the fabricators to calculate developed lengths etc. to save them the time and effort of laying it out. I have developed this app so that they can do it for themselves and therefore save “MY TIME”.

The Fabricators Handbook is a collection of apps useful to the experienced fabricator and novice. Various pipe and cone developing app for wraps and plate. Tables for flanges, tube schedules, elbows and tees, as well as metric and unc drilling / tapping sizes. Calculators include, Angle Calculators to enable the fabricator to layout accurately small or large fabrications, Pitch Calculator for PCD's and straight pitches, Diameter and Circumference calculator for working out the required developed length for rolling and a Bisecting Chord calculator that works out the inside or outside radius of an object using a straight edge and a ruler. How to examples are available where needed.

I hope that from your feedback/comments I will be able to add extra relevant features and amendments in future editions.

For details on how to use the apps in the handbook and tips, please visit the Website http://fabricatorshandbook.simplesite.com or click on the link l below.

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