Family Planning

By Hesperian Health Guides

Family PlanningFamily PlanningFamily PlanningFamily PlanningFamily Planning

Hesperian’s Family Planning app is designed to support frontline health workers, community leaders, and health advocates to share unbiased information on birth control options. The app can help you counsel on reproductive health, a range of birth control methods, the benefits and disadvantages of each method, emergency contraception, and more. A built-in “Method Chooser” can help determine which methods best respond to individual preferences, circumstances and health history.

An extensive FAQ section adresses general questions about contraception and common concerns specific to each birth control method.

The app features an interactive section on Counseling to help improve counseling skills and ease of discussing sex-related questions while considering the varying needs of people seeking contraception.

Designed for for community health workers, this easy to use, accessible tool is also well-suited for individuals seeking information for personal use.

After downloading, the app operates offline without a data plan. It’s available for both Apple and Android, in English, Spanish, French, and Swahili.

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