By flow Inc.


Favo! is a new puzzle recreation which you won’t be ready to put down!

The guidelines are quite easy and the game play is stress free!

Goal of the Game

Link the three components (red, blue, and green)

on the board to collect as many factors as possible!

When there isn't a more room left on the board, it’s recreation over.

In order to get pleasure from this sport to the fullest and get a excessive score,

mastering the proper technique and maintaining a balanced collection of parts is key.

How to Play

- Slide the factor panels together with your finger to maneuver them.

- Tap the panels to arrange the order of the elements.

Level Up

When considered one of your collected element gauges is full, the factor will stage up!

You will get a Merge Panel of the same component as a bonus!

Merge Panel

Let's put a merge panel subsequent to panels of the identical color.

You can merge all related panels at once!


When you match a couple of shade without delay, you can get a bonus!

- 2 shade match = double points!!

- 3 shade match = quadruple points!!!!

Challenge Mode

The challenge mode is the mode the place you'll be able to defeat monsters!

Get rid of them by shooting the collected elements at the monsters.

Let's attempt to win the prizes that are newly designed merge panels together!

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