Fire brigade pumping extinguishing water


Fire brigade pumping extinguishing waterFire brigade pumping extinguishing waterFire brigade pumping extinguishing waterFire brigade pumping extinguishing waterFire brigade pumping extinguishing water


Mission preparation is increasingly becoming an important tool in modern security. This certainly also includes the preparation of a fire extinguishing water delivery over a long distance. This must be planned in advance in order to be able to act quickly and in a targeted manner. It is therefore indispensable to plan a conveyor line for the objects in question in its area of ​​application and to include it in the operational plans.


With the application “Fire department extinguishing water delivery “The user records the conveyor line. The app uses this to determine the length of the conveyor line and the height profile. Due to freely selectable parameters, the locations of the amplifier pumps are calculated and displayed on a map or a satellite image.


The menu navigation is very clear. The recording of the conveyor line can be started immediately without having to make time-consuming settings. The parameters "flow rate" and "pump outlet pressure" can be changed. After recording and calculating, the results are saved and can be called up at any time. In addition, the number of B-hoses required is calculated and displayed.


In order to be able to use the app to its full functionality, the user must have a Google account. The saved conveyor routes are managed via this account. A user can call up his saved conveyor routes on any device, where he logs into the app with his Google account. The user can synchronize his data on all devices.


"Fire brigade extinguishing water delivery" is not a simple calculation application but a progressive application that supports the fire brigades in their important tasks.

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