Final Destiny - Beyond the End of the World


Final Destiny - Beyond the End of the WorldFinal Destiny - Beyond the End of the WorldFinal Destiny - Beyond the End of the WorldFinal Destiny - Beyond the End of the WorldFinal Destiny - Beyond the End of the World

A child is found by chance.

The girl has to protect the baby. It is not going to be straightforward.

Slash Action! Final Destiny - Beyond the End of the World

Join the journey of a woman and child looking to go beyond the tip of the world.

Destroy all monsters and really feel the dynamic combat system.

- Move and dodge, double tap the arrow keys to move round rapidly.

It is necessary in battle to evade enemy assaults using evasion rolls.

- Attack

You can continue to assault by merely urgent and holding the button.

Take down enemies shortly combo attacks!

- Defend the baby in any respect costs!

There is a chance that you'll lose your child when attacked by an enemy.

If you lose your baby, you possibly can't assault until you discover it again!

- Skill

You can get skillbooks through easy puzzle stage.

Acquiring the entire talent runes will your highly effective skills!

- Mine

Mine fortified stones and use them to upgrade gear.

Mine is autoplayed.

- Item

Items are closely influenced by stage and rank.

Hunt for the last word Ancient Legend rated item!

- Tower of Challenger

You can degree up the challenger with the expertise you achieve from the Tower of Challenge.

Each time you stage up, you may earn Challenger factors.

Points can enhance the player's ability stats.

Intense Action! Destroy all enemies !!

Final Destiny – Beyond the End of the World


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Thanks to Maria Beatrice Bonaccolto for Italiano translation.

Thanks to Jack Lago for Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Thanks to D'huge for Spanish translation.

Thanks to Deomid Polivenko , Dimir Steel for Russian translation.

Thanks to Jeff courty for French translation.

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