Fractal Bits

By Alexander Zolotov

Fractal BitsFractal Bits

Fractal Bits is a drum synth with over four billion unique sounds created by fractal algorithms.

Each set of 12 drums corresponds to a code of 8 characters (you can save/copy/paste it as plain text).


* search for new sounds with three buttons: next random set, edit code, previous set;

* three types of keyboards for live drumming: on-screen buttons, PC keyboard, USB MIDI input (Android 6 );

* six additional processing parameters control of all parameters via MIDI;

* real-time audio recording to WAV (32-bit);

* export to: WAV (one file or a set), SunVox (samples effects in one file), text clipboard;

* the LCK button freezes individual drums - they will not change during the search for new sets.

Known solutions for some problems:

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