FreezeTag Online

By EOAG Games

FreezeTag OnlineFreezeTag OnlineFreezeTag OnlineFreezeTag OnlineFreezeTag Online

▶ Let's play in real time!

-Real time online video games with associates (up to 40 people)

▶ Show off your personality!

-2,000 types of permanent costume gadgets, let's decorate by part!

▶ Let's make your clan the best!

this game is the end of the online multi game!

Let's be with your friends by way of the clan system!

▶ Endless modes!

- Police and thief

- Bomb mode

- Mafia mode

- Shooting Mode (FPS)

- Freezetag mode

- Drop mode

- Marathon mode

- Flag Mode

- Team Battle Mode

- 1: 1 battle mode

- Giant mode

- Zombie Mode

- Entertainment room

- Karaoke

▶ Let's showcase at Karaoke Room!

You can go upstage and sing with individuals.

▶ Optional Access Rights

(Save permission) You can access your photos to write a publish in CAFE.

(Mic) Allows you to access your microphone for voice chat.

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