Frog Tactics - Fun Logic Puzzles

By Giyomu Games

Frog Tactics - Fun Logic PuzzlesFrog Tactics - Fun Logic Puzzles

Exercise your brain and boost your IQ while having fun!

Frog Tactics is an original logic puzzle game with 300 brain teasers of increasing difficulty. You can also make your own puzzles, share them with your friends/the community and try their puzzles too.

Game concept:

● Put instructions on the platforms to tell the frog what to do. The frog must step on all the platforms before reaching the exit

● New instructions and new platforms are added as the game progresses


● 300 puzzles

● An intuitive puzzle editor to make and share your own puzzles

● Solve puzzles created by the community

● Colorful 3D graphics

● A battery saving mode with less shadows and effects

● A cute frog

Frog Tactics is ideal for anyone who likes brain teasers, logic, algorithms, maths, IQ tests, and also as an introduction to coding / programming for children!

Some reviews by the players:

"Best original logic puzzle game"

"This is everything I want in a game"

"Simple, cute, and challenging"

"IQ booster"

"One of the best puzzle games in the store"

"Gets the brain working"

"A great mind teaser"

"Smart and simple"

"Awesome puzzle game"

"Both addictive and challenging"

"Original and addictive. LOVE IT"

"It really spoke to me as a coder"

"Highly recommended"

Contain Ads:

● You can decide to watch an ad to see hints/the solution of a puzzle

Offers in-app purchases:

● You can buy new colors for the frog. It also removes the need to watch ads for the solutions

Storage permission:

● It is only necessary if/when you want to scan an image from your device to add a new puzzle


● kednar for the cute frog model: (rigging and animations done by me)

● Benjamin Mastripolito (Lemoncreme) for the main title music:

● All these people from for various sounds I used: korground, music-boy, reitanna, herbertboland, fins, inspectorj, corentin faucher, kyster, drminky, katzlbt, rutgermuller, rioforce, akshaylaya, thalamus lab, mickmon

● Tepid Monkey Fonts for the font:

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