Galaxy Shooter


Galaxy ShooterGalaxy ShooterGalaxy ShooterGalaxy ShooterGalaxy Shooter

Earth’s very existence is threatened. Alien invaders from space have been sent to destroy our planet. You have been called up to repel their attack. You must plan your battle strategy well and upgrade your fighter ship to defeat the increasingly advanced aliens. To accomplish this task, you must have the courage and wisdom.


* The game is packed with 111 levels giving you hours of fun for you and your friends.

* Amazing Lighting and Special Effects

* Precision controls

* charming sound and music, with HD graphics .

* 11 different weapons .

* 21 different enemy types .

* 8 Bosses with rich attack patterns and transformations.

* 6 unique fighters waiting for unlocking, when you passed all easy/normal/hard levels .

Simple game rule but it's surprisingly challenging.

The Galaxy's future is now in your hands. Play now, you can do it !

Always thanks for those who love ✈ Galaxy Invaders - Alien Attack ✈ .

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