Garden Manager : Plant Alarm

By LemonClip

Garden Manager : Plant AlarmGarden Manager : Plant AlarmGarden Manager : Plant AlarmGarden Manager : Plant AlarmGarden Manager : Plant Alarm

'Garden Manager' app is an essential gardening tool.

Save time with various gardening alarms.

Why don't you try making a vegetable garden and planting lettuce, peppers or other vegetables?

You can keep track of their growing progress and share it via Facebook or Twitter.

Buy flowerpots, get outside, feel and enjoy the clean air.

'Garden Manager' will help a lot.

* Features

1. Various alarms

- You will never forget to water your plants again.

- You can set alarms for fertilizing, spraying pesticide and so on. Custom tasks are also available.

- When you set the alarm, it will remind you on time.

2. Plant photo log

- Take pictures of and make notes about your treasured plants.

- When you sow and harvest seeds, you can experience the fun of writing notes about them and keeping track of the growing progress observed in your garden.

- If you write the widths / heights of your plants in each log, you can see them on the graph.

3. Sharing

- You can brag about your logs to your friends via facebook, twitter and so on.

- Or ask them why your plants are withering.

4. Finding nearby florists

- You can find florists near you.

* TIPS: If the app locks up on you when adding photos, disable photo cropping. - Jesse Oliver -

* Are there any problems?

* Please contact us


- [email protected]

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