Geography Quiz: The Ultimate Trivia Game

By World of Quiz

Geography Quiz: The Ultimate Trivia GameGeography Quiz: The Ultimate Trivia GameGeography Quiz: The Ultimate Trivia GameGeography Quiz: The Ultimate Trivia GameGeography Quiz: The Ultimate Trivia Game


Do you know which is the largest continent in the world? How about other facts?

How good is your geography knowledge? Let's find out!

Join other geography quiz players now and have fun while you learn new facts about world!

This app is divided into 3 categories:

PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY - test your knowledge of natural environment

HUMAN GEOGRAPHY - learn about human cultures, economies more

MAPS - get to know the world map like no one else!

Install now this awesome free trivia game, read the questions and try to answer them! And better get your geography book or atlas if you plan to beat this game ;)

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