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By UnderAIR

Get aCC_e55Get aCC_e55Get aCC_e55Get aCC_e55Get aCC_e55

Now the close to future, cyberpunk, and you're a local geek. Not a scientist or a genius, but a really talented inventor. For the past few years, you have been residing in a rented workshop subsequent door to a bar. The bartender is your good pal and soul mate, nonetheless it was his concept with an auction and with a very dubious lot time machine, sure. In basic, now she is in the garage, and not a little effort has already been spent on her, but, most importantly, that is the new T9 string engine. It stays to collect it, nicely, and a few little things ... Well? To the cause!

Get Access - isometric puzzle quest with the mechanics of rotating rooms. You should open what is closed, right what's broken, discover a means out of the rooms and remedy various sorts of tasks and puzzles.


✩ Addictive gameplay

✩ Nice minimalistic graphics

✩ Room rotation mechanics

✩ Many riddles and puzzles

✩ Hints and help


✩ Best Mobile Game - DevGAMM Minsk 2019

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