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gigaaa AI Personal Assistantgigaaa AI Personal Assistantgigaaa AI Personal Assistantgigaaa AI Personal Assistantgigaaa AI Personal Assistant

Access your assistant through various “gigaaa Inside” devices

Set up your gigaaa profile and let your new AI Personal Assistant get to know you! Sync it with ‘’gigaaa Inside’’ devices such as loudspeakers, mirrors, TVs and more. Use simple voice commands to control your Smart Home, check your calendar, or listen to music.

Make everyday tasks simpler

Use helpful digital services to complete your daily tasks. Set alarms, create shopping lists, take notes, or check your emails.

‘’Show me my meetings for today’’

‘’Add toothpaste to my shopping list’’

Ask gigaaa anything and stay up to date. Follow news, search the web, check the weather forecast, search on Wikipedia, and ask for suggestions.

‘’Do I need an umbrella today?’’

‘’How many centimetres in an inch?‘’

Search for nearby places, get quick directions and call a taxi.

‘’Show me the way to Berlin Central Train Station’’

‘’Show me the nearest Starbucks’’

Play your favourite songs, playlists, videos, radio stations, and podcasts.

‘’Play Reading playlist on Spotify’’

‘’Open Smooth Criminal on Youtube”

Boost your social life

Connect with like-minded people in the area through social activities called GIG. Find the best matching GIGs for your interests and invite people to join your GIGs. Chat safely with your new friends and expand your community.

‘’Show me events happening tonight’’

‘’Search for GIGs about sports’’

‘’Create a GIG called Birthday Party’’

Stay tuned and follow us to see how gigaaa grows with each passing day. Join the gigaaa community and find out why people say:

“Life is gigaaa!”

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