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Gokudo City is a simulation and strategy mobile RPG, players will became a leader of Gokudo City ( a kind of Japanese mafia ), leading your organization to climb to the top of underworld.

The stage is modern Japan, you are a gangster being appreciated by your team leader. To achieve you ambition —— become the godfather of underworld, you will lead your members to fight against other gangs.

It’s a wonderful new world just for you.


Promotion: From a gangster to the godfather, take effort to promote your level.

Organization: Operate your gang’s property, accumulate wealth to develop members and equipment

Recruitment: Recruit or persuade different talented people work for you. Upgrade them, as they get stronger, your gang will become greater over than others.

Sociality: Encounter different kinds of confidants, take them home and build your harem of beauties.

Story: Series of events to form a plot that descript the legendary life of a godfather.

Succession: Develop children, expand your relationship with other players by political marriage.

So, release your enthusiasm and energy now! Life needs a bit of gore and guns and madness!

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