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Group Charge AppGroup Charge AppGroup Charge App

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Group Charge App

Our Group Charge App helps companies and their employees optimize the utilisation of the company’s charge points. With electric driving becoming more popular, businesses face a common problem: fully charged EV’s that are still plugged occupy the charge points for others. Say hello to the social charge network for business. With the Group Charge App, employees can directly communicate with each other in a closed user group via a chat functionality, check up-to-date status of the company’s charge points, see who is charging, get notified when charge points are available or ask other colleagues to move their fully charged car.

Benefits for employees

Join the charge queue and get a notification once a charge point is available.

Get in direct contact with relevant colleagues via the chat-functionality instead of using unorganized WhatsApp groups.

Notify colleagues with a fully charged car that is still plugged in to the charge point.

Get notified when your own car is fully charged so that you can free up the space for other colleagues.

See real-time status of the charge points’ availability and who is occupying the charge point.

Benefits for companies

Provide a more efficient way for your employees to communicate by wasting less time on excessive WhatsApp-groups.

Reduce your total cost of ownership.

Lower your investment on (additional) charging infrastructure by up to 200%.

Increase the utilization of your charge point(s) by 200% and measure EV-drivers’ social behavior (3 EV's per day per point, instead of only 1).

Maximize your fleet’s total electric kilometers.

Share charge point statuses with employees without publishing the charge locations to external drivers.

Make your employees happy by maximizing the availability of the charge points.

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