Gunship War: Helicopter Battle 3D

By TinyBytes

Gunship War: Helicopter Battle 3DGunship War: Helicopter Battle 3DGunship War: Helicopter Battle 3DGunship War: Helicopter Battle 3DGunship War: Helicopter Battle 3D

Helicopter Strike – Action Battle Game. Let missiles destroy your enemies. Crush their bases to ruins.

Helicopter War: Gunship Strike

Build the ultimate army of modern helicopters. Start with a basic helicopter. Develop your resource base to get ultimate air battleship. Produce more resources to increase your park of sky fighters. The extra highly effective Gunship you utilize for battle, the sooner and more destructive will be your helicopter strike. Your enemies should run away in panic, shouting “war thunder is coming”!

Equip warfare machines for the Ultimate Battle

Take control over legendary war copters. World of Helicopters has greater than dozens of unique fight gunships. Highly customizable helicopters allows using different attack types, missiles, and air machine guns, shooting incendiary bullets. Glide an AH-64E Apache as a Top Gun between enemy turrets with advanced camouflage. Crush air defense from a distance with a Black Shark Ka-50, outfitted with guided missiles. Make your sky fighter indestructible with particular decals. Either use a Navy’s Dragon War military helicopter to devastate bases of other gamers.

Build impregnable for air assaults fortresses

War of Helicopters is the art of conquest and defense. Don’t let different gamers attack your stationed on base helicopters. Plan your protection properly. Build your turrets in an optimal means and combination to repel an airstrike assault. Show them who's the grasp of Warfare.

3D Gunship War: Air Strike Battle

During air fight you must suppose as a wise and attentive army pilot. Evaluate and select targets carefully. First, aim the machine gun and shoot items and troopers with RPG. Save your Helicopter from fireplace of defense turrets, capturing armored struggle machines and hits of battleships. Control the battlefield and use the best ways to win the battle.

Vertical oriented 3D Helicopter combat

War of Helicopters is a Gunship battle with:

– Unique vertical oriented battles

– High high quality graphics

– Easy controls

– High detailed 3D fashions of modern helicopters

– Mix of strategy, action, techniques, simulator and shooter

– Balance of attack and defense

– Ground army, Navy and Air Force units

Join the sport and start your Gunship battle!

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