GymRun Workout Log

By Gym App Team

GymRun Workout LogGymRun Workout LogGymRun Workout LogGymRun Workout LogGymRun Workout Log

GymRun - intuitive, extensive, customizable

* create own custom workout plans and day routines for weight lifting, bodyweight and cardio exercises (as mix, supersets, circle)

* customizable and expandable built-in exercise database (store own images)

* statistics, charts and session reports (1RM, workout volume, calories, rest)

* individual rest countdown timer and stopwatch

* smartwatch support (Samsung Galaxy Watch/Gear, Google Wear OS)

* lock screen widget to log workouts

* comfortable historical log autofill/pre-filling

* customizable logging list

* extensive note function

* multiple profiles

* log body data and body photos

* light, dark and pure black (OLED) theme

* exercise favorite list and muscle group filters

* workout record notification

* local backup, Dropbox, Google Drive sync and CSV export

* share workout session results on Google Fit, S Health, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

* YOUR FEATURE: feedback and suggestions are welcome

Smartwatch support

* available for Samsung Galaxy Watch/Gear and Google Wear OS

* two watch app versions are available: Companion and Standalone

* Companion version needs a constant bluetooth connection to the smartphone and is included in the premium package

* Standalone version doesn't need the smartphone during workout, you can sync your data before and after workout - it is an optional extra feature package

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