Hashi (Bridges)

By Simon Flachsbart

Hashi (Bridges)Hashi (Bridges)Hashi (Bridges)Hashi (Bridges)Hashi (Bridges)

Hashi is a typical puzzle recreation, where you try to connect islands with bridges.

The goal of Hashi is to connect each island with as much bridges because the quantity on the island shows. Two connecting islands can both have one or two bridges.

You win Hashi, when every island is related both directly or indirectly with each different island. That signifies that they must build a closed network. But be aware, that bridges should not be crossing one another.

Each game is generated and due to this fact distinctive, so there are unlimited video games to play without any cost.


- Unlimited Puzzles for free

- Undo / Redo

- Timer / Personal excessive score

- Game is automatically saved

- Different difficulties

- Night mode

- Detailed help

- Leaderboards

- Achievements

The gameplay of Hashi may be very easy: You press on the island you need to join, shift to the island you wish to join it to and release your finger on that island. With that, a bridge is constructed. Repeat to build two bridges, and again to remove the bridges.

There are totally different ranges in Hashi that have totally different dimension of the sector. But don't be afraid to strive a harder stage, as every level will be saved, so you can continue on that later.


Usually it's useful to start out with the best numbered islands. Building bridges eliminates the likelihood for different bridges, as they could not cross. With that it forces to place another bridge, as there are not any extra potentialities.

An island with 3 in a nook, an island with 5 alongside a aspect and island of seven within the middle requires at least one bridge to every direction.

A nook island with 4, an island along a aspect with 6 and an island with 8, requires two bridges to every path.

The same is of course the same for 3 and 4 that solely have two directions left and for 5 and 6 which have only three instructions left.

It is advisable to be careful for islands that haven't any extra choices left. For occasion, when you've an island with 1 and a possibility to each direction, you join it, as soon as three of these potentialities have gone, as a result of blocking bridges.

Always remember, that all island should be related to 1 single community. Therefore some connections usually are not possible, corresponding to connecting two 1 collectively.


The first version of Hashi (the full title is Hashiwokakero) was revealed in September 1990 within the magazine Puzzle Communication Nikoli. Although an earlier model of the sport has already been revealed in December 1989.

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