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The HBDI® App: Better Thinking, in Hand.

Designed for anyone who has completed an HBDI® Thinking Styles assessment, the HBDI® app provides comprehensive, interactive access to your personal HBDI® results, along with new ways of exploring and understanding the powerful insights provided by the HBDI®.

In addition to your HBDI® Profile results, this first version includes great features to help you apply Whole Brain® Thinking and share your thinking with those closest to you.

► Features:

‣ Understand your profile: Interactive HBDI® profile outputs, including new visual tools to help you explore your Thinking Clusters, How You See Yourself, Thinking at Work and Thinking Under Pressure, as well as personalized tips for better communication, problem solving and decision making

‣ Apply the insights: Practical tools to apply Whole Brain® Thinking, starting with creating “Guesstimated” profiles for your family, friends, colleagues and customers by identifying clues about their thinking preferences, which generate a profile and tips to improve your interactions with them

‣ Share your thinking: Post a badge of your HBDI® Profile to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or share it with a friend via email

Planned features for upcoming versions of the HBDI® App include powerful comparison, training, application and sharing tools to help you put your Whole Brain® to work!

The HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®) is a cognitive styles assessment that defines and describes someone’s thinking preferences across the Whole Brain® Model. Originally developed at General Electric, the HBDI® was created to help people understand their thinking in order to solve problems in a business environment. It has since been completed by more than two million people around the globe and has become the assessment instrument of choice at many of the world’s most successful organizations, including 97% of Fortune 100 companies, leading universities, governments and non-profit institutions.

Please note that the HBDI® is a professional tool and the HBDI® App should be used in accordance with best practices. All profiles should be debriefed by a Herrmann International Certified Practitioner or an approved alternative to avoid misinterpretation and misuse. The HBDI® App is not intended to replace a debrief with a Certified Practitioner, but rather as an alternative way of accessing the HBDI® profile information during the debrief, and to help reinforce and apply the insights to everyday situations after the debrief.

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