Hey Duggee: The Squirrel Club

By BBC Studios Limited

Hey Duggee: The Squirrel ClubHey Duggee: The Squirrel ClubHey Duggee: The Squirrel ClubHey Duggee: The Squirrel ClubHey Duggee: The Squirrel Club

Duggee wants you to affix his Squirrel Club!

The Squirrel Club app enables fans to create their very own squirrels and turn into part of Duggee’s club!

There’s plenty of fun available customising your individual squirrel. Will you be a penguin, a monkey or a rabbit? What eyes and smile will you choose? And would you want a hat?

Hey Duggee’s Squirrel Club app permits you to create as much as 4 new squirrels before heading to the clubhouse to play games and full fun actions to earn badges on your assortment.

There are 17 badges to gather that includes all of your favourite characters from Hey Duggee, including Duggee and the Squirrels, Chew Chew, Hennie, Tino and Mr and Mr Crab!

Key Features:

• An interactive app that encourages exploratory and open-ended gameplay.

•Clear and easy interface designed for pre-schoolers.

• Encourages creativity.

• 17 games and badges to gather.

Games include:

The Omelette Badge

Help the chickens get into the groove and lay some eggs by dancing alongside to an train video with them. Can you do your finest stretching?

The Voice Badge

How nicely have you learnt the voices of Duggee’s friends? Match all the proper voices to earn your Voice Badge.

The Fashion Badge

Duggee needs your help to get him prepared for the style present. Mix and match hats and clothes to create the right outfit for Duggee’s catwalk debut!

The Singing Badge

Mrs Weaver the Beaver likes to sing a bottom-shaking melody! See should you can sing and dance along to earn your Singing Badge!

The Colour Badge

Select from totally different pens, pencils and paints to help Tino create a masterpiece for Duggee. Choose from three pictures and unleash your inventive facet.

The River Badge

Help the Squirrels make their way along the river through the use of your finger to fastidiously guide their boat. Do hold an eye out for obstacles alongside the way!

The Surprise Badge

Duggee and the Squirrels have wrapped a surprise present for Hennie’s birthday. Can you piece the jigsaw collectively and guess the surprise? Featuring 3 issue ranges to go well with all ages - 4 items, 9 pieces and 25 pieces.

The Making Friends Badge

Duggee and the Squirrels have some pals over to go to. Tap on a card to disclose the buddies and make a perfect match.

The Dressing Up Badge

Time to check out your dressing up skills! Choose from three scenes and take a photo to create a fun selfie with Duggee!

The Wedding Badge

Chew Chew and King Tiger are getting married. Help design the proper wedding party for them by organising all of the friends for a beautiful wedding ceremony photograph.

The Traffic Badge

Carefully tilt your screen to help Duggee and the Squirrels discover a shortcut via the traffic to the tropical lake. Make sure you don’t bump right into a buffalo or an ostrich along the way!

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