Horde Defense


Horde DefenseHorde DefenseHorde DefenseHorde DefenseHorde Defense

Horde TD: The greatest strategy/arcade castle/tower hero protection ever!

Commander, our clan is in nice danger which we have never faced! You must face the forces of Darkness and cease the Fire Lord before he acts on his terrible schemes! Build your protection and stop them now!

Powerful Towers:

8 special tower skills! Multishot, Revive, Missiles...

Fantastic Props:

There are 4 unbelievable props for you. They may be good options regardless of you want to destroy all enemies or just heal your self.

Merciless boss fights:

Fight with 8 bosses in Great Plains, Ice Fields, Deserts and Dungeons utilizing variety of defense methods and skills!

Hard Mode:

Intense boss fights! Are you up for an actual challenge? Go with Hard mode!

Mission Mode:

There are 20 totally different challenging missions, other ways of taking part in, gathering, defending, attacking and more!

Endless Mode:

Facing endless waves of monsters, how lengthy can you survive?


3 distinctive abilities together with Warrior, Mage Firerain

4 attractive props which assist you to turning defeat into victory

8 bosses

12 epic battlefields

24 powerful towers

27 monsters

30 achievements

90 difficult levels

And more...

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