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IAText is the AI powered OCR system of Image Analysis Toolset (IAT) if you don't want all of the others features supplied by IAT.

It can digitize the textual content of a picture or of a scanned doc, so you possibly can easily edit or put it wherever you need, or search info about its content.

The App is able to detect the text of virtually all languages of the world and can even translate the textual content in your language (your text translation language is detected automatically in accordance your OS language but you'll be able to change It within the settings).


◙ You can allow the vocal output from settings to configure the App to speak out loud results.

◙ Share an image from whatever app with IAText, and it will load your image and when you select a feature, the selected image will be analyzed immediately.

◙ You can export the outcomes as textual content file.

◙ Can be used also without any Internet connection (though with an active connection text recognition will be more correct and you should use also translation options).

◙ The App supports TalkBack and can be used also by low-vision users.

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