Idle Cat Tycoon : Furniture craft shop

By mafgames (Idle Games, Tycoon Games)

Idle Cat Tycoon : Furniture craft shopIdle Cat Tycoon : Furniture craft shopIdle Cat Tycoon : Furniture craft shopIdle Cat Tycoon : Furniture craft shopIdle Cat Tycoon : Furniture craft shop

New title following hamster tycoon!

Here comes the Idle Cat Tycoon : Cat Furniture Craft Shop!

Have you imagined what if cats make furniture?

Let's make imagines come true!

Various of beautiful furniture made by little pink paws are ready now!

In the Cat Furniture Craft Shop, You can meet our cute and trusty cats under.

Mr. Ddong, the Persian cat, supplies materials for furniture

✨ Mr. Calion, the Calico cat, preps the materials

Ms. Cheeze, the Cheeze cat, designs furniture

Mr. Tuxedo, the Black cat, sells furniture

This would be the most heart-warming tycoon game you have ever played!

Simulate crafting different varieties of furniture on every stage!

How to play Idle Cat Tycoon :

Collect quite a lot of Cat Manager card!

Upgrade your Cat Managers' craft skill!

Develop numerous designs from simple to fancy!

Deliver the furnishings to customers!

Completing all of the procedures, You can collect Cat Coins to brighten cats!

Upgrade every furnishings room and make each crafting procedures go easily.

Come and see how our Craftsman Cats work.

It would be the most happiest and relaxing scene you have ever seen!

The more cats you discover, the extra your furniture store be active!

Get warm space for over 50 sorts of cats to reside in!

Enjoy Idle tycoon game which is soooo cute!!!

The Idle tycoon contains commercials.

You can even play games on your tablet system.

FYI, we're open to all recommendations on furnishings design. So please let us know your secret ideas for furnishings. Everything is on you!

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