Idle Dice

By Lutsgames

Idle DiceIdle DiceIdle DiceIdle DiceIdle Dice

Test your luck in this nearly endless game! Roll the dice in Idle Dice and see how much money you can earn.


• Upgrade the value of your dice to increase your income

• Idle Game Play: The game continues to earn you income while you’re away

• Earn crazy dice combos to multiply your earnings

• Strategy: Select cards that provide massive bonuses to your play through

• Prestige: Reset to earn permanent bonuses for your next run. Try new card combinations

• Roulette: Test your luck with roulette and unlock powerful bonuses and upgrades

• Auto Progression: Idle Dice continues to roll the dice even when you don’t want to play actively. Set it up next your work computer and just watch the income pour in and your tycoon grow

Become the true Idle Dice Tycoon

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