Idle Hero Defense - Fantasy Defense

By Iron Horse Games LLC

Idle Hero Defense - Fantasy DefenseIdle Hero Defense - Fantasy DefenseIdle Hero Defense - Fantasy DefenseIdle Hero Defense - Fantasy DefenseIdle Hero Defense - Fantasy Defense

Battle orcs and pirates on this fantasy tower protection sport, as you defend against waves of enemies charging your base! This idle TD game lets you create a group of heroes – knight, ranger, mage and more – to defend against an infinite swarm of vicious foes! Cast spells, earn gold, upgrade heroes and complete day by day missions as you save the day in this Idle Tower Defense game!

A fantasy recreation of heroes and monsters, Idle Hero Tower Defense makes you the commander. Like other tower protection games, your heroes will fight off evil foes, gaining gold, leveling up, and unlocking new heroes as you defend your tower.

As a tap recreation, you recruit, train, and command your heroes from the touchscreen. Incremental game mechanics imply your heroes will grow as they struggle, surviving in opposition to ever-worsening waves of monsters and fighting till they win. As a tower defense recreation, you need to defend your celebration at all prices to progress!


- PvP Tournament hosted twice a week

- Fend off pirates and evil monsters in tower defense themed mini-games

- Fantasy RPG-based world and classes

- Retro game-inspired graphics

- Daily missions to complete

- Strategy sport ways and units

- Idle sport mechanics let the game play even when you’re busy

- Clicker recreation features to command units with a tap


- Collect heroes to type your party

- Cast spells to empower your models or defeat foes

- Earn gold, discover tomes and acquire equipment

- Battle Orcs and managers to survive as long as attainable

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