Idle Plague

By Iron Horse Games LLC

Idle PlagueIdle PlagueIdle PlagueIdle PlagueIdle Plague

Idle Plague is the most INFECTIOUS idle game out there! Infect and take over the world host after host, while exploring the beautiful 3D low poly organs !

Set off on your idle plague quest by recruiting fellow microbes. Your tap microbe will need help from his friends !

- Upgrade your microbes and spread the plague

- Idle, Recruit and upgrade big numbers of bacteria and viruses to produce tons of toxins ☣️

- Unlock organs and infect w/ plague one by one

- Mutate idle microbes to evolve ⚗️

- Fuse idle plague bacteria and viruses to create new microbes with special benefits

- Fight plague bosses for special gifts and prizes

- Activate and evolve special boosters ⚡️

- Set out on daily quests and receive gifts for completing them ⛰

- Kill the host w/ plague and infect the next one to generate host essence ☠️

Challenge yourself in idle strategy and discover your next addiction in this unique plague game !

Key Features:

- Infectious idle tapper

- Beautiful hand-crafted 3D low-poly game

- Inspired by real organs, bacteria, viruses plagues

- Offline gameplay

- Addictive boss fights

- Based on the human body

- Infection skill tree

- Lots of upgrades mutations and loads of achievements

Stay tuned for game updates and new features! Enjoy the best microbe game and human body game out there!

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