Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies

By Iron Horse Games LLC

Idle TD: Heroes vs ZombiesIdle TD: Heroes vs ZombiesIdle TD: Heroes vs ZombiesIdle TD: Heroes vs ZombiesIdle TD: Heroes vs Zombies

An infinite swarm of evil zombies are invading from The Darkness… it is as much as you to stop them! As commander of the Heroes of Light, you’ll defend what’s left of the world in Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies.

This unending take on tower protection places you in command of powerful Heroes attempting to cease evil zombie invaders from reaching The Light. Strategically place allies like Earth Surfer for extra-speedy attacks, or use Light Bringer for heavier damage. And if things get real dicey, simply wipe the map clean with a firestorm spell!

Eradicating zombies provides you upgrades to bolster power, pace, and other stats - and the extra zombies you obliterate, the more Heroes you’ll unlock. Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies’s menagerie is filled with awesome heroes, like surfers with guns and fireplace blowing wizards. Discovering new heroes is part of the enjoyable.

Like any loyal pal, Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies takes care of itself when you’re away. Come again in a couple of days to claim offline progress and assets to power up your defenses. Those zombies don’t sleep - but neither do your heroes.


- Unlock forty distinctive heroes, all of which have different ability sets that make tower synergy crucial to success.

- Strategize by placing up to 10 heroes at a time. Determining the simplest mixture of their abilities will maintain you entertained and speculating for weeks!

- Rotate by way of several different maps, every of which requires completely different methods to defend most efficiently.

- Bi-weekly PvP tournaments give this informal sport a competitive edge.

- Discover countless upgrades, analysis, spells, artifacts, technology, and more to degree up with quite a lot of completely different assets.

- Several rewarding mini-games corresponding to Zombie Swarms, Grave Diggers, and Evil Scientists.

- Offline progress rewards you even whereas the game is closed!

- Complete tons of daily missions and achievements.

- Fantasy RPG-based world and classes.

- Non-stop, endless gameplay!

Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies is a perfect mix of the Idle and Tower Defense genres. The recreation is endless and can largely play itself without a lot interplay. However, an immense amount of strategy is required to play effectively and place nicely in opposition to your peers on the leaderboards. Go on an epic never-ending quest, explore a unbelievable world, battle heroes and zombies, and defeat epic bosses in Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies!

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