Idle Wizard - No IAP, No Forced Ads

By Fair Idle Games by René Müller

Idle Wizard - No IAP, No Forced AdsIdle Wizard - No IAP, No Forced AdsIdle Wizard - No IAP, No Forced AdsIdle Wizard - No IAP, No Forced AdsIdle Wizard - No IAP, No Forced Ads

Welcome to Idle Wizard, a Fair Play Idle Clicker designed for players who like incremental or idle games. Have you always dreamed of becoming the most powerful wizard ever? In this idle clicker with magic fantasy flair you can realize it. Your currency in this game is not cash but pure power. With this power you will upgrading new spells, explore new mighty spheres and create power stones.

This game was designed with Fair Play in mind. What does that mean?

Fair Play Key Points

✅ The game was consciously designed without inapp purchases

✅ No paywalls, no locked content

✅ No forced advertising, you'll never see a popup ad

✅ No banner advertising that could disturb the gaming experience

✅ Contains only clearly identifiable and optional rewarded ads

✅ Completely playable offline


Fair Play design(see description above)

Magic fantasy setting with 4 atmospheric pieces of music

Learn and upgrade dozens of new spells

Permanently upgrade your items

Search for new more powerful spheres and teleport them to your hideout

Use the Prestige function to become the most powerful wizard ever

Earn power(equivalent to cash in other idle games) even when you're offline

Tips for playing

When the game progress slows down, use Focus (Prestige)

You play more active? Then first improve spells and items that increase the overcharge multiplier

You play rather passively? Focus on items and spells to summon creatures and support them

Sometimes it can be useful to tap only moderately fast

If you like idle clicker games with upgrades and prestige, you will like this game very much. As with other idle games, you can actively increase your power by casting magic bolts or summoning creatures to do it for you, while you enjoy watching your power rise to immeasurable proportions. Try it out and tap to become the greatest wizard of all.

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