Immortal Blade - Idle Vertical RPG

By Glory Play

Immortal Blade - Idle Vertical RPGImmortal Blade - Idle Vertical RPGImmortal Blade - Idle Vertical RPGImmortal Blade - Idle Vertical RPGImmortal Blade - Idle Vertical RPG

Immortal Blade is an Unique vertical Idle RPG based on dark-themed fantasy world! Darkness is coming, defend the dark and create your own immortal legend. JOIN millions worldwide.

★ Non-Stop! Earn While You Rest

Unique idle vertical RPG allows One-hand operation. Smooth control, quick feedback and simple gameplay integrated to bring a fresh and relaxing experience. Non-stop auto-battle to level up quickly and get stronger!

★ Multi-Classes All at your Service

Activate second and third Class when your main character reach certain level, double and tripple your power. Free class change and much more funs for you to explore!

★ Hunt Bosses for Rich Loots

High drop rate of killing bosses in the dark world. Kill abundant bosses to earn the rich loots which make your soaring.

★ Massive PvP, Fight for Glory

Join a guild and participate the guild wars along with your guildmates.

PvP is allowed on all maps. Enjoy the excitement in massive PVP. Defeat red-name raider player will have a chance to get ultimate equpment. Seize your chance!

★ Powerful Customized Appearance

Abundant wings, fashion attires will make you stand out of the ordinary. Choose as you will.


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