Infinity Kingdom


Infinity KingdomInfinity KingdomInfinity KingdomInfinity KingdomInfinity Kingdom

Conquer the town, uncover the Infinity! Infinity Kingdom is a cartoon-style mmo technique sport. As a resourceful lord, you have to defend the land of Norheim in opposition to the evil gnomes whereas defending your self from other invading players!

Three years in the past, the gnomes shattered the northern line of defense, led their mechanical military into the fray. Thousands of cities fall and the destiny of human type hangs within the balance. Now Immortals are gathering under your banner. The biggest ones in historical past are now prepared to lead your fearsome troops into battle! Lords! Would you in a position to repel enemies and restore peace to this scarred land?

Help! Them Gnomes are wreaking havoc!

You have finally arrived, my Lord! Our territory is in dire situation! The Gnomes have ransacked our cities like a plague of locusts, and our folks desperately want your help! The alchemists are prepared to assist us restore the City, so that the people can come to seek refuge. Rebuild the city, develop faster, build quicker, practice faster, and then put all of it on the line towards those enemies!

Immortals Assemble!

There are more than 50 powerful Immortals from numerous civilizations ready to assistance from humanity. The Sage Council grants you the supreme right to summon the Immortals at the Hall of Immortals via Philosopher's Stone. With their immensely highly effective talents, Immortals will struggle in your trigger. Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Merlin, Robin Hood…Your troops have been assembled! They are able to struggle so that you can expel enemies, save the world...or complete a PVE campaign!

Epic Dragons Awaken!

7 types of parts dragons dwell in a mysterious dragon cave, and solely the bravest warriors may awaken them. Are you excited to assert an epic dragon egg, hatch it and watch the hatchling grow? Raise them well and they will turn into fierce fighters!Assign your dragon with the same as the factor Immortals, and the unique Buffs of elemental unit will be activated for you in battles!

Sharpen your strategies, customized your good team!

Elemental Unit in battles looks like invincible, but bear in mind the most effective combos are but to be found! Think over all attributes and elemental buffs your items cowl, assign highly effective Immortals with dragon, take over your enemies in battlefield, and show them who's the king!

Ruins Exploration: Reveal items of Norheim's history!

A number of Ruins might be scattered across the World Map. Dispatch your scouts to analyze them to realize Stele Shards, which can be utilized in your territory's Monuments to disclose items of Norheim's historical past. A boundless of rewards additionally awaits in your thrilling adventure!

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