By Nuverse


Experience an unconventional but unforgettable story of love and hope in Inked.

Guide a rogue samurai known as the “Nameless Hero”, as he travels the world on paper with his love Aiko. But beware, you may quickly discover that every thing you love is stripped away and you'll have to embark on a journey by way of a puzzle-ridden quest to revive what you care for.

Following your journey is the mysterious Artist, the one that drew the world round you. Your stories are connected in more ways than one, and the journey you'll take will change you each.

Inked invites you to expertise:

- A stunning and immersive world solely based on ballpoint pen drawings

- A heartwarming story about loss and hope

- Puzzles which put the management of the world at your fingertips

- An emotional and shifting music score


Winner of Game Connection Asia 2020 Indie growth Grand Award, Best informal recreation award, Best upcoming game award and Best mobile/tablet game award.


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