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Interesting FactsInteresting FactsInteresting FactsInteresting FactsInteresting Facts

Some people call it useless facts or funny facts, but still these are very informative facts.

The application is aimed at expanding your horizons, it contains a huge number of interesting facts on various topics, ranging from religion, ending with insects. Programmers used the material design for the application. There is a list of facts you like. There is also the opportunity to share an interesting fact through social networks such as VKontakte facebook, etc., to share with him your new knowledge with your friends. It is interesting to know all sorts of useful information, and even better, to skillfully operate it in a dispute with an opponent. Knowing many facts will help you in real life.

Interesting facts application is a collection of carefully selected curious facts from the series “Did you know that ...” checked for authenticity.

An indispensable application in the toilet or long trips.

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