IQmom Breastfeeding.

By IQmom

IQmom Breastfeeding.IQmom Breastfeeding.

A virtual breastfeeding consultant. Always at hand!

IQmom will help you:

- apply the baby to the breast correctly

- feed without pain, abrasions and cracks

- understand if the baby has enough milk

- find out why the baby has low weight gain and what to do with it

- increase the amount of milk or, conversely, reduce if there is too much of it

- to find out why the baby often requires breasts, sucks for a long time, sleeps little,

worries, cries

- find answers to frequently asked questions about Breastfeeding.

IQmom is:

SIMPLE CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS how to correctly put the baby sitting, lying on and side or back. IQmom will tell you how to sit comfortably and feed with pleasure!

UNDERSTANDING PHOTOS. Each frame is thought out and carefully selected to show all the nuances of the correct capture of the chest. Photos with errors were specially taken - how NOT to do. You can easily understand what you need to change to make the attachment work!


To find out if the baby has enough milk, go through electronic test. Together with the result, you will receive brief recommendations on what to do next in your case. The test is suitable even if you are feeding a baby with expressed milk or a mixture.

DETAILED RESPONSES to frequently asked questions of nursing mothers: what does it mean to feed on demand, do I need to express my breast after feeding, how to express more milk, if necessary, what to do if the baby is worried about the chest, how to weigh the baby correctly, whether to drink the baby with water and much more.

ALL INFORMATION CHECKED PERSONALLY. The application was invented and filled by a twice-nursing mother and a certified consultant on GV - Anastasia Ryabinina. With its help, more than 300 mothers were able to breastfeed their babies.

SAVE more than 120 thousand rubles. About how much the mixture and doctors will cost if breastfeeding ends too soon.

Take care of the health and full development of your baby! Breastfeeding in your arms! You will succeed!

The application does not have the nature of a medical recommendation. It is an informative support during breastfeeding.

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