Isomers AR

By Alchemie Solutions, Inc

Isomers ARIsomers ARIsomers ARIsomers ARIsomers AR

Isomers AR is an immersive augmented reality game where you build and discover new molecules in 3D. Using the Isomers AR app along with a printed or digital Alchemie "tag", you can build new structures directly on the environment around you.

Keep track of your progress in the isomers gallery, where you can view all the isomers you've made and those yet to be unlocked; there are over 70 unique molecules to discover in Isomers AR.

Isomers AR was created and designed by the award-winning, research-backed, and National Science Foundation-funded team that brought you the popular organic chemistry app Chairs!, named a top app by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Isomers AR is the first augmented reality game for learning chemistry in 3D, and the only app that allows you to build and construct molecules in AR.

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