A Sci-Fi styled interface GPS (Global Positioning System) Monitor. It not just solely monitor the GPS standing but in addition monitor these items listed beneath :

1. Battery status (Temperature, Voltage, Remaining capability)

2. Wifi/Antenna Signal power

3. Speed meter

4. Digital clock

Version History :

ver 2.2 :

1. Fixed base station signal strength meter not functioning correctly in some devices

2. Route Plot Mode map info loaded error correction

3. Route Plot Mode: Improved map border rendering

4. Route Plot Mode: Improved road rendering

5. Route Plot Mode: Add railway/tunnel kind rendering

6. Route Plot Mode: Add river/pond/lake/coastline rendering

7. Update App Icon

ver 2.1 (25) :

1. Add Route Plot Mode. (Experimental Feature)

2. Add the power to show BEIDOU satellite title.

3. Minor improvements in pace and reliability.

4. Minor bug-fix.

ver 2.0.2 (24) :

1. Add HUD mirror mode. Use the HUD Mode button (at the right bottom nook) to activate the perform

ver 2.0.1 (23) :

1. fix the android again button not working concern

ver 2.0 (22) :

1. new immersive mode

2. 4 kinds of earth fashion

3. orbital mode could show the trajectory of the satellite tv for pc

ver 1.0.6 (21) :

1. Various bug fixes.

2. Improve GPS finding velocity.

ver 1.0.5 (19) :

1. Fixes an issue that brought on the app crash because of misused JNI. (reported by Tobi.)

ver 1.0.5 (17, 18) :

1. Dual temperature models ( Celsius and Fahrenheit )

2. Fixes a problem that brought on the app crash on startup.

ver 1.0.4 (14, 15, 16) :

1. Upgrade rendering engine

2. Fix : Crashes on quit

3. Fix : Black screen on Android 5.0 Lollipop (examined on LG G3 Android 5.0)

4. New icon

5. Set the default mode of the system UI to Low Profile

6. Set the minimal time interval between location updates to 1 second

7. Fi

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