Kiddopia: Preschool Education

By Kiddopia Inc.

Kiddopia: Preschool EducationKiddopia: Preschool EducationKiddopia: Preschool EducationKiddopia: Preschool EducationKiddopia: Preschool Education

Kiddopia is a dynamic app that runs the gamut of early education and teaches an enormous variety of skills to children of younger ages. It covers every little thing from Math, Language Skills, GK and Social Skills to Creativity and Self-expression, all of the whereas engaging kids with its gorgeous visuals as properly as enjoyable and exciting gameplay.

Kiddopia is a winner of a number of awards including:

- Parent Choice Award

- Tilly Wig Brain Award

- Nappa Award

- Moms Choice Award

Kids and toddlers will study important early curriculum similar to:

- ABCs

- Alphabet Tracing

- Curriculum-based Math Program

- Spelling

- Addition

- Subtraction

- Number Values

- Patterns

- Shapes

- Colors

- General Knowledge concepts

... and much more

Kiddopia has numerous academic and preschool studying games, which help in the cognitive development of a kid such as:

- Jigsaw Puzzles

- Memory Game

- Spot the Difference

- Join the Dots

- Spot the odd one out

- Shape Matching Puzzles

- Logical reasoning problems

There is immense alternative for teenagers to realize General Knowledge in Kiddopia:

- Kids can get pleasure from learning the names of Planets Constellations

- Toddlers can find out about Community Helpers, their instruments and roles

- Kids of all ages will discover it fun to study the names sounds of Animals in numerous habitats, including Dinosaurs

- Older children can enjoy the instructional aspects of the app as they study the names of Continents and Oceans

- Learning and enjoyable will turn out to be synonymous when children get to know a few of the Wonders of the World

Kiddopia additionally has tons of creativity-enhancing games for pre-school youngsters, like these:

- Bake decorate Cupcakes and Donuts

- Grill garnish Pizzas

- Cook design Pastas

- Freeze adorn Popsicles Smoothies

- Paint and beautify nails

- Make pretty accessories such as tiaras, necklaces and earrings

- Coloring Pad

We have additionally included Role Playing video games, which will take youngsters on adventures that are exciting, informative, and academic:

- Become an astronaut, make your personal spaceship, rescue aliens discover space

- Help out sick aquatic animals by playing as a Fish Doctor

- Play as a Handyman and repair broken things around the house

Special Feature: Nursery Rhymes Songs Kids Videos!

Kiddopia is a subscription app. New content will be added frequently.

We have used the beneath permissions in the app to find a way to save the screenshots of what kids create within the app.

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