Kids Song: Happy

By Educa Studio

Kids Song: HappyKids Song: HappyKids Song: HappyKids Song: HappyKids Song: Happy

Do you love singing? Can you singing? Are you happy when singing? If so, let's sing together. Happy And You Know It is now available with interactive and cool animation. You can sing along and learn together with your kids. Moreover, you will get 6 mini games for your kids to learn, stimulus their memory and motoric skills. Let's teach your kids with new abilities in a fun way.

Enjoy 6 fun and engaging games with educational values:

Memory Games

Find the matching cards! Improve your kid's memory with this exciting memory game.

It’s Paint Time

Take out your paint brushes! Spark your kid’s creativity by coloring 6 images with colorful brush.

Creative Challenge

Improve your childs creativity with many kinds of stickers with 6 different backdrops.

Dance Dance

Let's dance together according to the direction.

Match three

Match the three same cards and get the highest score

Wrap it up

Let's help out Gaj wrapping the gift.

What’s Inside:

6 fun and educational mini games including Memory Games, Coloring Books, Sticker Books, Dance Dance, Match Three, and Wrap it up.

Interactive song with animated cute animals and characters.

About Kolak

Kolak is Educa Studio brand which contains popular kids songs, world song, either original songs. Educa Studio releases this series continuously. each series is equipped with cool animation and narration for those who can not read yet.

About Educa Studio

Educa Studiio is an education game and application developer which focuses on kids aged 2 - 12 years old. We have been publishing more than 200 apps to help kids in studying easier and more fun.

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For moms who love to guide her kids playing and singing; make sure KOLAK get installed on your smartphone or tablet. Besides getting a ton of fun, kids will also be receiving knowledge. Learning while playing? Why not? Let's sing together with KOLAK!

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