Krazy Kakoom


Krazy KakoomKrazy KakoomKrazy KakoomKrazy KakoomKrazy Kakoom

On a mysterious and historic continent, The Kakooms live. Each of them has a unique career, similar to cooks, wizards, prophets, monks and so forth. Everyone performed their duties and lived a cheerful life. No one had thought that this peaceful day would ultimately be damaged. When God gave the original nice shaman the power to manage the natural components, a gaggle of evil giants secretly coveted this power. They waited for the shaman to turn into a fragile outdated man not lengthy for this world. Ready to steal his energy the second of his passing. To protect the peace of this continent and with the guidance of the gods, the good shaman lastly found a righteous tribe that may inherit this power and prevent catastrophe- the Kakoom clan!

PVP: Kakoom calls for help. Prove you are the greatest commander by defending against the endless waves of twisted horrors. Each stage comes with distinctive bosses for you and your opponent to defeat, might the destined one win.

CO-OP: Play together with your friends as you share your base and sources to defend Kakoom. Discover and unleash Devastating group combos unique to CO-OP and discover new synergies and strategies to free the wild.

Truly Unique: Forget about reading up guides on “stats” and the place to position what when. Our informal base protection sport is extraordinarily intuitive for first timers yet offers distinctive challenges for gamers that require extra of a challenge. Our sport is built for neighborhood and having a fun social expertise is at the core of the gameplay.

Awakened Skill:

Great Shaman has left distinctive masks to the Legendary Family in Kakoom. Legendary Warriors can get hold of the power of these masks and achieve Awakened Skills by upgrading warriors.

Use highly effective Awakened Skills to defeat your enemies!

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