Last Arrows

By RedSugar

Last ArrowsLast ArrowsLast ArrowsLast ArrowsLast Arrows

- Top 10 in Google Indie Game Festival 2018

- 2018 Quality Game of the Month Award by 4th Indie Game Awards

- Awarded by the Global Indie Game Development Fair in 2017

- Tired of collectible and incremental games? Then try out this skill-based game!

- Juicy headshots! A whole new archery game with satisfying prediction shots.

[ This game takes archery action game to a whole new level! ]

- Deploy your strategies and land deadly prediction shots to clear the Story Mode

- Shoot to survive from amassing horde of monsters in the Survival Mode

- Skills such as Penetration, Arc Shot, Multi Shots, and Focus will never make you bored!

- Made some stunning plays? Watch your stylish plays again through Replay!

[ Story ]

- Horde of monsters have suddenly launched an attack since the black meteor crash.

As a lucky survivor, you have to do whatever it takes to return to your loving family.

You have very little arrows left.

Use the leftover arrows wisely to return safely to home!

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